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My kid is looking like the coolest kid on the block! :) I'll be back soon for the next pair!

Yam E.

We made picking the right glasses easy & fun with AR technology

Choosing the right glasses for your children has never been easier! Discover our large catalogue of quality frames and try them on with AR technology, behind the comfort of your screen.

Only the best for your kid's eyesight

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Stylish designs

Choose between our vibrant, fun, trendy and modern designs, everything your child needs to express himself in style.

Durable Frames

Our frames are made for active kids, using durable and bendable materials for both comfort and long-lasting wear.

For all children

Find the right frame for children of all ages, from teenagers to toddlers and even infants, both boys and girls.

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Shop everything under one roof! Get you kids' stylish frames and the prescription lenses that go with them.

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Lost in a sea of frames? Try our step by step quiz and find the perfect pair of glasses for your little one.

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Absolutely love the design and the color! The material is perfect for kids and very comfortable! ! ❤️😎

Perfect for my 10-year-old daughter, great quality glasses, excellent service, and attention to all the help with the prescription. Thank you, Jenny.

My 7 year old normally doesn't enjoy wearing glasses, But when i put these on him his reaction has been totally opposite!

In 2018, the journey of Kids Glasses Online began with the founders' frustration over the lack of durable, stylish, and affordable eyewear for their own children.

This personal struggle sparked a mission to create a one-stop shop where parents could find high-quality eyewear that children would love. By 2019, the foundation was set with a carefully curated selection of brands meeting rigorous safety and comfort standards. As the company grew, it introduced innovative shopping tools like virtual try-ons and a comprehensive size guide in 2020, enhancing the customer experience and ensuring a perfect fit for every child. The company also committed to exceptional customer service, making the eyewear purchasing process seamless and enjoyable.

In the following years, Kids Glasses Online deepened its community involvement by partnering with schools to provide free eye exams and glasses to children in need. By 2022, the company expanded its product range with eco-friendly materials and specialized eyewear, continuously pushing the boundaries of children’s eyewear innovation. As it gained a loyal customer base, the company looked ahead to further innovations and global outreach, staying true to its mission of empowering children with eyewear that meets their unique needs and personalities. This journey, from a personal struggle to a thriving business, highlights the founders' dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of children and their families.

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